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The funny thing is...
In the bright noon sun
Save Rock and Roll 
30th-May-2013 01:09 pm
Dots sleep
Hello there my mighty fine LJ ladies :D

mating_games has been an awesome experience, I think I'm done with exchanges/challenges for this year, well aside from JEOW which I suddenly felt the need to sign up for, hopefully the whole old gang can all get back together, one more tour ;) -- I miss you all.

Everything is all settled and official. I'm going to medical school at Western in the fall, I had been waitlisted for the other three I interviewed at and in about a week and a half got accepted to Mac in Hamilton as well but decided against that.

I have no social life, which is to be expected. I wowed someone at work with my ability to rattle off pretty much the entire first line of three or four different hockey teams (I have one skill and it's got me this far-- memorization) and he gave me an autographed Edmonton Oilers puck :DD

I'm like a real fan now. I even trolled through all 187 pages of hockey fic on Ao3 ahaha... watched two seasons straight of Oil Change. I have two obsessions, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins of the Edmonton Oilers, and Beau Bennett of the Penguins.
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