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The funny thing is...
In the bright noon sun
12th-Jan-2013 12:57 am - Sweet dreams are made of these
Dots sleep
I wanted to post something because I've not posted much recently, and I miss everyone.

My life has taken a drastic u-turn, no more high flying or partying all weekend I'm poor again~ oh well. What's the use in material things any ways? No point in crying over spilled milk. That's why you give it your all while you can!

My new lifestyle, I went to the library and finally read 'The Devotion of Suspect X' by Keigo Higashino, I've seen the film for it but the end still made me catch my breath with anticipation. It's a good mystery when you get so absorbed that you forget that you know the twist! Highly recommend it!

Unemployed -- I'm on episode 106 of Gintama.

What can I say? It's addictive. Maybe if I feel motivated enough I'll put of photos of the Nightmare Before Christmas tree I gather together this year. Got bored of the typical Christmas trappings.

Things I've written recently:

Pumped up kicks Stiles/Jackson [NC-17], Season 3 what if fic. This one is a pinch hit I took for TW_hols, I had quite a bit of fun with it.

Bite Hard Stiles/Jackson [NC-17], zombie AU. This was my originally assignment, also a lot of fun to write.

Battle for the sun Steve/Tony (Ultimates) [NC-17], zombie AU. See a trend? I can't help it, the holidays make me wish for an undead apocalypse if only to save me from the yearly celebrations. I'm a grinch.

:D Tell me something good.
2nd-Jan-2013 11:32 pm - Rise ye Dead
Dots sleep
tw_holiday, please get your act together. I realize it's not the mods fault but it's a bit shabby isn't it? I got my pinch in on time, there is no reason to be rude about turning in your assignment, a month after the deadline is a bit much.

I wrote two fics, can you guess which ones they are? Hint: Neither features Derek.

In other news I'm currently playing Assassin's Creed: Revelations, which I never did get around to finishing, Far Cry 3, Skyrim, and beat Final Fantasy 13-2 :D, I'm unemployed and slowly turning into a hermit. I went outside to see the Hobbit yesterday (echo the chorus: SO GOOD.) and decided I didn't like it much, I'll stay inside thank you very much.

It might be because I'm Canadian, and it's winter and it's miserable and snowing.

Onto fic I've written lately

Title: When they come to destroy the earth, they will have to deal with you first
Pairing: James Kirk/Leonard McCoy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The one where they are superheros. AU.

On LJ or On Ao3

Title: Battle for the sun
Fandom: Ultimate Avengers
Pairing: Tony/Steve
Summary: This story is about that moment, that hour, that day right after the end of the world where all the pieces were there but no one had any idea how they fit together any more. It is also about zombies. Mostly, it’s about unethical science. Where it wasn't the Chutari that destroyed America but the undead.

On LJ or On Ao3
4th-Dec-2012 08:04 pm - The suit and I are one
Dots sleep
Oh My God.

I know you are all jealous that you don't have a Da, but I do and she is the bestest human ever. Seriously.

I got these in the mail

Cut for huge photoCollapse )

And I have never been more ridiculously pleased.
24th-Nov-2012 04:24 pm - Updates!
Three fics mostly just toss-away porn!

Title: He lied to me about death
Fandom: James Bond Skyfall
Pairing: 007/Q
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Q comes to see Bond in Macau to deliver intel and catches him shaving.

here @ LJ or here @ Ao3

Title: Some kind of genius
Fandom: Avengers 616
Pairing: Tony/Tony, Tony/Machine
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Tentacles
Summary: Tony takes an invention for a test ride.

here @ LJ or here @ Ao3

aaaand finally a re-post of my squick

Title: Peaches, Plum, Pear
Pairing/Group: kat-tun, Junno/Maru, Junno/Maru/Koki/Ueda
Rating/Warnings: NC-17: Faux-cannibalism, polygamy
Word Count: 8,500
Summary: All Maru ever wanted was to blend in, be one of the herd. All the universe wants for him is to be extraordinary.

19th-Nov-2012 08:33 am - Bang bang
Pointy Horses
Just submit my TW_Hols! Watch tw_holidays for fic full of holiday cheer (from other people the holidays actually give me hives okay?)

**rolls** that was NOT what I meant to write but it is what came out when I stared into the soul of word processor and it stared back into me.

In other news I'm reading: Slaughterhouse 5 and Z-Day

Watching: The Walking Dead, current season only and mostly because Mom refuses to watch it on her own, thinking of taking up Elementary.

Also since I have space again I've taken up with yoga once more. It's soothing.
Tony Stark
Title: Rise ye sunken ships
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Where a moment of weakness (and fondue) leads to the birth of one Tony Stark. After all Peggy Carter was dynamite and couldn’t be expected to pine forever. In the future a different meeting between Iron Man and Captain America, because Steve looked at him and he knew. The ‘yo’ mama’ jokes stop here.
Warnings: Violence against dinosaurs, swearing, sex
Notes: This came about as an offhand comment, and soon spiralled way out of control growing and mutating. I realize I needed to fudge the maths and biology of pregnancy a little to make it work; but for the sake of plot let’s pretend it works out fine. A massive thank you to track_04 and youkosiren for listening to me when I thought I was going insane. Because at one point I honestly did turn to them and declare 'I got bored of writing feelings so we needed to punch some dinosaurs'

This was actually completed towards the end of February long before the Avengers film actually came out so it’s none film-cannon compliant while still being MCU. I’ve been waffling about posting it ever since then. A second thank you for everyone who badgered me into finally posting it!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

It’s like Jerry Springer meets Dr. Who
17th-Sep-2012 03:43 pm - Dance to the underground
Dr Who
This is another photo heavy post!

This time it's aaaaaaaaaaall Dr. Who, the Dr. Who experience is in Cardiff and so I went to it, and here are the photos from the museum portion. For the... experience portion not only did I drive the TARDIS but there was this one forest section that was all dim with flashing lights and motherfucking weeping angles.

WEEPING ANGELS. Which was only slightly less traumatizing than that time I ran into a weeping angel in the physics department (only in Cardiff) and almost started crying before I reminded myself 'It's a TV show idiot. Focus' See I knew they were filming, but not you know, what was going to happen. So when episode 5 comes up, and there are weeping angels THINK OF ME AND OUR PHYSICS DEPARTMENT. /cry



Also I've moved in with three cats (two guinea pigs, a rabbit and two humans, it's a funny story actually...) and I was trying to work yesterday, but actually spent the day watching all three LotR films literally covered in cats.
12th-Sep-2012 10:31 am - There's a she-wolf in your closet
Dots sleep

So, stop_drop_howl finished posting! It's a challenge where for each 24 hour block one person is tagged with a prompt and that person has 24 hours to produce porn based on their prompt.

Out of 24 fics there were 11 pairings, minus one dylan/Tyler and you get 9 pairings but with some repeat pairings you get 12! That means... HALF of the people chose not to write Stiles/Derek. I AM SO PROUD RN YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. Teen Wolf fandom is clawing it's way out of this ridiculous mono-ship. SO. Much. Potential.

High fives all around guys!

Complete list of posted fics here

Go, read, comment!
8th-Sep-2012 10:59 pm - This City is my Church
Dots sleep
Title: Darkest before the dawn
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Jackson, Derek/Stiles, Stiles/Erica
Warnings: Abuse of a position of authority, violence, D/s over-tones
Rating: NC-17
Words: 11,250
Summary: It’s a story about love, vengeance, justice, and a cruel city named Gotham. Batman AU.
Notes: I’m really not sure where this came from or why. It mostly just did. I feel I need to apologize to the Batman comics, I’ve taken bits and pieces and bastardized them horribly. Much closer to the DC comic-verse than the Nolan films but separate enough from both to be read without knowing much of either.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

In other news, I'm still really sick and pathetic and how does anyone even stay sick this long? It seems impossible. Waaaaaah.

I went to a safari park with some friends because we were acting like real grown ups and stuff and we all freaked out because the tiger was brushing up against our car. It was somewhere between really cool and terrifying. There were some timber wolves and they had jut been fed, so the higher ranking wolves had finished and I watched the Alpha get all short with this one pitiful little wolf then STAND THERE AND WATCH IT EAT. LIKE A CREEPER. Obviously thought of Derek.

A meerkat sat on my foot and I freaked out, because again-- mature adult.

1st-Sep-2012 03:00 pm - BECAUSE I'M CLEVER.
Dots sleep

Assuming I pass that's my Masters degree.

I am amazing.

I was awake for 40 hours. Slept like the dead for 10. Woke up, editing 19.5k of fic, posted it. Now I'm putting together a brides' maid costume for a My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding fancy dress party that I need to wear to my work summer BBQ in an hour.

AHAHAHA. **slightly hysterical**
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