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The funny thing is...
In the bright noon sun
21 First sentences meme!  
15th-Apr-2013 04:33 pm
Dots sleep
Stolen from agenttrojie! Because this looks like fun

1. Tony stumbled over his feet and slammed into the door he intended to use to hold himself up.

2. He found himself standing on the corner, squinting at the sky with the look of someone who was well-versed in temporal displacement and has resigned himself to it already.

3. The bar was small, crowded, and rowdy.

4. “It’s a lot like cooking,” Stiles declared, “I am the love child of Gordon Ramsay and Harry Potter.”

5. One does not simply walk into Mordor.

6. The thing was, at the end of the world being human was the only thing that separated you from them, so much that it became the only way to define yourself.

7. The thing was that the walking dead were nothing compared to a repulsor blast.

8. It was a routine bank robbery.

9. The dust settled and Natasha fell to her knees on top of Stark tower still clutching Loki’s staff with fingers gone white with the pressure of her grip.

10. James was spreading the shaving foam over his face when the lights suddenly cut out.

11. Tony hummed almost-absently to himself as he cut an efficient line through the arching reception hall of the Avengers mansion.

12. “I don’t talk about you to my therapist,” Jackson breathed against Derek’s throat rather than saying anything as boring as ‘good morning’.

13. The future, and honestly Steve had never been one to think of the future he always had both feet firmly rooted in the here and now, was unexpectedly harsh.

14. Perversely Derek wondered if he would ever forget that night.

15. Allison’s hair was everywhere fanning out across the pillow like dark tentacles trying to consume anything unfortunate enough to be caught.

16. The city of Manhattan gleamed like a jewel in the Kingdom of York, rising out of the thick forests that surrounded it like a testament against the gods of nature and land.

17. Sherlock didn’t notice it at first.

18. “How do you talk me into this kind of thing?”

19. Natasha figured it was the pictures from her illustrious (and terribly fake) ‘Tokyo modelling career’ that did it more than anything else she’d written on her CV.

20. Lydia couldn’t even bother to feel bad about it.

21. They met on Halloween night over a dead body.

Total count:
Teen Wolf - 8
Marvel - 9 (MCU/XM:FC 6; Ultimates 1; 616 2)
Star Trek - 1
Sherlock - 1
Johnny's - 1
James Bond - 1

I'm not terribly good at starting things am I?
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